Bacteria: the invisible cleaners of the forest

In the forest, rotten apples, odours and other dirt disappear like snow in the sun. How? Are invisible cleaning champions at work there? Yes, bacteria! The forest is home to trillions of bacteria that clean the forest 24/7. Bacteria recycle dirt into nutrients to survive. A circular chain that sustains itself. Mother nature at work!

YOKUU - Allesreiniger Fles

15 billion cleaning champions

‘Why create sterile surfaces when good bacteria can help with daily cleaning?’ For Joris, the creator of YOKUU, the solution is simple: a cleaning pearl with 15 billion invisible cleaners from the forest! With our products, you go further than natural cleaning: you bring cleansing nature into your home! Small and big who get rid of the dirt together, just like mother nature does.’
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Spray. Wipe. Extended after-cleaning.

The pearl is dissolved with tap water in a reusable bottle. Then spray on the surface and wipe off the dirt. But it doesn’t stop there. With every cleaning, good bacteria are left behind, which clean your surfaces for a long time without you having to do anything extra yourself! Handy, right?

Restore the natural balance!

Every time you clean with YOKUU, you leave behind good bacteria. As a result, you build up a positive microflora indoors week after week until a maximum value is reached. This is maintained while cleaning with YOKUU. The flora remove dirt and offer protection against intruders.

YOKUU - Joris Janssen

The result? The YOKUU effect: less dust, odours and dirt!

YOKUU - Gezonder

Continuous cleaning 24/7

Eenvoudiger - YOKUU

Fewer allergens

YOKUU - Gezonder

Fewer odours

YOKUU - Gezonder

Long-lasting effect

Ingrid Caeyers - Klant van Yokuu
Finally, a product that works with the bacteria, instead of working against them. I found it super easy to use and saw results quickly. The house is fresh and clean for longer without those terribly exaggerated 'fresh smells'. Thank you Yokuu 😍
Ingrid Caeyers

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