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YOKUU comes from the word ‘shinrin-yoku‘, a Japanese therapy where people are sent to the forest for its beneficial effects. Literally translated it means ‘forest bathing’. YOKUU brings a piece of nature back into your home and lets people bathe indoors in the good bacteria. 
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Our active products contain probiotics. Probiotics are living microorganisms from nature that can work wonders when it comes to cleaning.  The bacteria remain active on the surface after application and continuously break down grease, dirt and odours for up to seven days. This means that dirt particles remain away for a few days even after cleaning. Probiotic products clean the surface and not only leave a visibly cleaner result but are also effective against odours. That deep cleaning process is called microscopic cleaning because probiotics reach down into the tiniest joints.  After dissolving the YOKUU products and applying them to the surface, they restore the natural microbiological balance to create a human-friendly microflora.  
Our Multi-purpose, Floor and Glass cleaner are 100% safe for any type of surface. Only our Bathroom cleaner, which is a bit more acidic, should not be used on calcareous types of stone such as marble. 
This is possible with our Multi-purpose cleaner. You can do this to remove odours or stains from textiles, for example. Just spray a few times and let it soak in. Odours disappear very quickly, but our bacteria need a little more time for stains. If the stain does not come out the first time, repeat! 
Chemical disinfectants are intended to eliminate all types of bacteria. This can lead to the emergence of harmful and resistant bacterial strains, called ‘superbacteria‘. Studies show that these superbacteria can lead to long-lasting harmful effects on both the environment and our health. YOKUU does not kill, but introduces good bacteria that settle in your living environment and that protect against dirt for a long time. 
You can add essential oils to the YOKUU solution for an extra fragrance experience. Our bacteria continue to work just as effectively!  
Yes! Our end product is completely free of hazards. No hazard symbols on our products. Of course, ours do serve to clean surfaces. They are not really tasty.   Our bacteria have been checked for food safety by recognized agencies. So no problem to clean your kitchen counter with YOKUU.  All our bacteria are harvested from natural landscapes. So no genetically modified micro-organisms! 
The pearls stay good in the bag for two years. Once dissolved, the solution remains good for three months. It is best to store our products in a dry place in an aluminium box. Do not use rain water, but tap water! 
No, because then the bottle will break! Between two pearls, you can rinse the bottle with lukewarm water. 
YOKUU has the V-label (vegan label). Our formula is completely free of animal ingredients.  YOKUU is a member of ‘1% for planet’. Every year, we give 1% of our turnover to charity! We also support organizations that are committed to biodiversity and sustainable forest management.  Unfortunately, YOKUU does not have the EU Ecolabel because our product is not a ready-to-use solution (because of our soluble products). Innovation is sometimes faster than legislation. 😉  
The YOKUU products are developed in Belgium, by the founder Joris Jansen, and produced in the Netherlands. All our ingredients are produced in the EU. 
Our pearls are packed in 100% paper packaging. So you can put our paper wrappers with the old paper. Our plastic bottles are made of high-quality (recycled?) plastic, which means they have a long lifespan. 
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