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Cleaning with bacteria? Yes of course!

Joris Jansen

Joris Jansen

You’ve probably heard it before: telecommuting is highly recommended to contain the pandemic. So we are going to work from home as much as possible again, because there is a virus. This is certainly good news for traffic jams, but not everyone is happy about it. Distraction by whining children around you, the lack of social contact with colleagues – there are some things we would rather see change. But there is a way to fit everything. Making your work corner as pleasant as possible can help a lot, for example. And so questions about cleaning also arise. Because how can we best ensure a hygienic (working) environment? How clean is clean? It all shines like a mirror, but is that enough? Are all the bacteria gone, in addition to the dirt? So a lot of questions.

Yes, most bacterial colonies are removed with normal cleaning using conventional means. The number of bacterial colonies that remain is within the acceptable range. After all, don’t we want to get rid of all bacterial colonies today? Well, better everything gone than a possibility of contamination, however small. That’s the reasoning anyway. But is that really such a good idea?’

Shiny clean! 

People once started cleaning for health reasons, and that was necessary. But in the middle of the last century, this primary intention suddenly seemed to have completely disappeared. The focus shifted to creating a visually clean surface: whiter than white and shiny clean! Yet now more than ever we see that it is precisely the invisible things that can positively or negatively influence our health. And contrary to popular belief, classic cleaning products do not immediately contribute to a healthier living environment.

After all, after a normal cleaning, the invisible particulate matter is not gone. And the chemicals from those products remain on the freshly cleaned surfaces as invisible Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). A study by the Flemish Institute for Technological Research (VITO) showed that these VOCs cause considerable health problems for cleaning assistants, especially during prolonged and frequent contact.

Professor of toxicology Jan Tytgat (KU Leuven) formulated it as follows: Classical cleaning products are harmful to health. The chemicals in the products can cause lung problems, cancer, and cardiovascular disease, among other things. There is an important health problem among our cleaners that is due to daily contact with these products.” 

But it isn’t that drastic, is it? After all, we managed to eliminate 99.99% of all those bacteria around us! So we can now really start teleworking safely and healthily. End of the story. Uh, no.

In balance with nature

Maybe it’s better not to forget that bacteria are vital to life on our beautiful planet. By the way, we carry one and a half kilos of it with us all our lives, both in our intestinal flora and on our skin. And we scatter millions of them around our environment every hour. Without them, we simply wouldn’t be able to stay healthy and survive. So in fact it is not a very good plan to eliminate all bacteria, the bad and the good. Because don’t we pull everything out of balance then?

Yes, we do. Not a bad idea to stop that, anyway. Scientific studies show that the enormous rise of allergies and autoimmune diseases in the West is related to our excessive hygiene, which disrupts our natural contact with healthy microflora. The almost morbid urge to create sterile interior spaces therefore does us more harm than good. We are therefore also looking for an alternative for our work corner.

Needless to say, we are now more than ever following the guidelines of local and international health organizations and governments to protect ourselves and others from the Sars-covid-2 virus. That aside.

YOKUU natural cleaning product

But the philosophy behind YOKUU arose long before there was talk of Corona: to straighten out what has been skewed for so many decades in the wonderful world of cleaning. How? By bringing people back into harmony with nature and making a radical shift in how we deal with microbes in our living environment. The focus is shifting to creating and maintaining beneficial microbial ecosystems through cleaning products brimming with good bacteria. They not only make everything sparkling clean, but also continue to purify independently for days, thus forming a natural barrier against fine dust and unfavourable microbes. A principle that is found everywhere in nature. And that is why we like to bring nature into our home with our cleaning pearl.

Do you think it’s a good plan for your work corner? Then it certainly is for the whole house. Billions of our good bacteria are already very excited to lend you a hand! And would you also like to receive more information via our newsletter? Register now and receive a nice discount on your next purchase.

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