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4.543 billion years of cleaning experience

Joris Jansen

Joris Jansen

In the world of cleaning products, it’s all still quite revolutionary, but in nature they’ve been doing it since the dawn of time. If you submit a CV stating that you have 4.543 billion years of experience in cleaning, you will immediately be labelled as hopelessly crazy. However, good bacteria do not exaggerate with that figure; after all, it is the estimated age of our planet Earth. [NOTE: Bacteria did not appear on Earth until 3 billion years ago.] And these microscopic single-celled organisms worked tirelessly from day one to keep things clean.

You don’t see them, but they are busy all around us. Forests, rivers, seas and oceans would be much less enjoyable without the purifying power of those many billions of positive bacteria. For example, you don’t think about it at all when you go to breathe some pure air in that splendour of the forest on a Sunday afternoon, but when the leaves fall from the trees in autumn, it is bacteria that process them into nutrients for the plants and thus the close circle.

What can be done outside, can also be done inside

Of course our house is not full of fallen leaves and besides a fly or some insects, there are also no dead animals that have to be removed. But there is still plenty work indoors to keep a whole army of good bacteria busy. Because the dust on your beautiful dresser or the volatile particles that are released when you do something as simple as toasting a sandwich are in fact organic waste. And for cleansing bacteria, that means…food!

Is it a crazy idea if we also want to put those cleaning bacteria to work in our home? Because what can be done outside can of course also be done inside.

Not just any of them…

Scientists estimate that there are about 100 million different types of microorganisms living on Earth. There are more types of microbes than all plants and animals combined, and the variety is endless. The largest group of micro-organisms are the bacteria and archaea. They are very similar in shape and size: single-celled microbes without a nucleus. They can be found almost everywhere, even under the most unlikely of circumstances. And they often work with plants and animals, such as gut bacteria to help with your digestion.

It is therefore quite a task to find the most competent candidates to work in your home, and it goes without saying that pathogenic bacteria are completely out of the question. Benign bacterial strains can be found in various biotopes such as the sea, rivers, meadows, forests or forests. Micro-organisms that feed specifically on substances that are polluting and even harmful to us, such as dust particles, particulate matter and even harmful hydrocarbons. It is the champions among those champions that are ultimately necessary for an optimal result.

Into the forest!

Is one good strain of bacteria enough for the job, and do you have to travel halfway around the globe to find the right one? No, neither the one nor the other.

You get the most out of a good team, an ideal mix of different strains, each with their own specific properties, in metabolizing various organic pollutants and loosening adhesive layers that retain visible dirt. Each player of the team must also be safe for people, animals and the environment and must be able to work together perfectly with the other strains.

You really don’t have to travel further than the Flemish Ardennes to find those super champions. The bacteria we find there in the rich forest floor are in no way inferior to their colleagues from faraway places.

Forest dirt on the carpet?

Of course, a lot is still needed before we can really start and clean our house with good bacteria. There has been no forest dirt involved for a long time, and it will therefore not end up on your carpet. The strains selected in the lab are grown by fermentation, washed, dried and then processed into a cleaning product. Only then can you get started.

So how do those bacteria benefit me?

It may sound a bit unbelievable, because without a microscope you can’t see them at work. But you are no longer alone in cleaning. Because let’s face it, millions of cleaning helpers who continue to work independently for days on end while you have been busy with something else for a long time, isn’t that too good to be true?

And yet it is so. You see it immediately because it takes noticeably longer before there is dust on that sideboard again. And that is very easy to explain. These bacteria not only clean better, they also protect your environment for as long as possible so that the dirt does not have a chance to come back quickly. And they also become part of a natural indoor flora that keeps itself healthy for a long time. In addition, they continue to work independently for a long time and make targeted enzymes that convert the new dirt, organic dust particles and other harmful particles into food.

Cleaning also becomes easier because the new dirt has more and more difficulty adhering to the surfaces. This is because the cleaning bacteria quickly spread over treated surfaces and actively break down the microscopic adhesive layers where dust and dirt can adhere.

Bad odours also disappear. Not by masking them with a strong perfume as usual, but because positive bacteria penetrate deeply into the microscopic pores of the material and thereby remove pollution and odours that chemicals often cannot reach. And they do so tirelessly around the clock to give your indoor environment the same fresh, healthy atmosphere as in the forest they originally came from.


Five different strains with the strongest cleaning bacteria from the forest – YOKUU searched for and found them in the Flemish Ardennes and turned them into a close-knit team. The way they reach your home is completely unique: in the form of a cleaning pearl! That is an effervescent tablet of barely 3 grams that you can dissolve in a reusable spray bottle in ordinary tap water and is good for 300 ml of multi-purpose cleaner. That way you don’t have to drag around bottles unnecessarily, and no new bottles end up on the already too-large mountain of waste. And for the floors (all floors!), there is a tiny, recyclable 100 gram resealable pack, because you only need a teaspoon (4 grams) of product to make a 5-litre bucket of floor cleaner. 

To the shop with bells ringing

Shopping by bike and at the nearby dealers is really easy with YOKUU when it comes to cleaning products. Because let’s face it, they fit in your inside pocket, as it were. It just makes a person so happy. Find out quickly whether there is already a shop near you. 

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