Let nature clean your home!

Good bacteria that clean your house naturally? YOKUU!

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Packed with nature, packed with benefits

YOKUU - Gezonder


100% safe for children and animals

YOKUU - Reiniging


Deep after-cleaning, up to 7 days

Eenvoudiger - YOKUU


Faster cleaning and compact storage

Hergebruiken - YOKUU

More ecological

Reuse principle

Pearls for Multi-purpose, Bathroom and Glass cleaner

How to use? Very simple!

  1. Fill your reusable bottle with tap water and fizz the pearl to life.
  2. Spray YOKUU on the surface and wipe off the dirt.
  3. Your cleaning champions will be cleaning for days to come!
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Fill. Drop. Fizz.

YOKUU - Langdurig effect

Let the bacteria work

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Spray and wipe.

Floor cleaner for every type of floor

Take a teaspoon of Floor cleaner and put it in your bucket. Dilute the bucket with 5-10 litres of lukewarm water. Ready to use!

The YOKUU Dishwasher Tablet? An ecological breakthrough!

Take a Dishwasher Tablet and put it in your dishwasher! Awkward and polluting casings? We don’t use those!

YOKUU - Vaatwastabletten 2

Our bacteria are contagiously positive!

Ingrid Caeyers - Klant van Yokuu
Finally, a product that works with the bacteria, instead of working against them. I found it super easy to use and saw results quickly. The house is fresh and clean for longer without those terribly exaggerated 'fresh smells'. Thank you Yokuu 😍
Ingrid Caeyers
Klant testimonial van Yokuu
Hooray for #reuse and so much more! Great that you are committed to so many ♻️ aspects: logistics, packaging, health, environment... Fan girling over here!
Marjolein Huygels
Stéphance Michaux - Klant van Yokuu
I've been using Yokuu for months to clean literally everything in my apartment. Even my shoes! The ease of use is unmatched. Knowing that I can always use the spray bottle again and that I am also bringing good bacteria into the house is the icing on the cake. Fan!
Stéphane Michaux
It is now about 9 months since I bought the first package from Yokuu. Since then, a lot of bacteria have already spread here in the house. The result? A washbasin that stays clean (much) longer, less dust in the rooms, old stains that are suddenly no longer there. Sometimes I just spray some Yokuu everywhere!
Eddy Hagen
I won a starter pack a while back. I haven't used anything else in the kitchen from the start! Just spray, let it soak in and even grease stains are simply gone. The stove is also happy with it. I love this!
Lindy Schotz
Received the floor cleaner yesterday, after a very positive experience with the multi-purpose cleaner. Used this afternoon. Wow! I should have done a before and after photo. My kitchen floor looks like new again. I am super happy, everything is clean and fresh with the greatest of ease.
Erna Vriesman
Yokuu! A small company from us, with a heart for nature, for people, for the planet...Every improvement starts with us. So also with you!
Olivia De Ridder
3 weeks ago, I saw an advertisement on Instagram from Yokuu. Immediately tested upon receipt, and what a result!!! Normally, a few hours after cleaning, the dust is back, happily resting on my extractor hood. It has been 2 days now, and the hood continues to shine after 1 spray with Yokuu. I gave away all my other cleaning products!
Evelien Leeman
Charlotte Van den Broeck
Super satisfied with Yokuu! It does what it promises: your whole house is clean with one product, it is super environmentally friendly, and you are not poisoning yourself with it. The effect, how the product interacts with natural bacteria, is also fascinating!
Charlotte Van den Broeck

Starter package


3 reusable bottles for the Multi-purpose, Bathroom and Glass cleaner. Goodbye disposable plastic!

1 pearl per bottle! No to unhealthy chemicals – yes to cleansing bacteria.

100g Floor cleaner is good for 25 buckets: for all floors, compact and simple.

YOKUU - Startpakket
Yokuu - product visual 14
YOKUU - Joris Janssen

Restore the natural balance in your home!

We all know the slogan ‘kills 99% of bacteria’. But is a dead environment healthy for us? Of course not! The science is clear: the overuse of killing agents contributes to an exponential increase in allergies and other immune-related disorders. Time to restore the natural balance with YOKUU!

Our impact

pieces of plastic avoided
litres of water transport avoided
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For planet
forest planted

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